Causes of depression | depression Problems

Causes of depression

Causes of depression:

one of the most significant mental illnesses in the united states and many other countries. Depression is affecting more than 16 million male and females(almost 6.7 percent of the adult) and 3.1 million adolescents.
it is a severe mental illness in which patient feel hopeless, loss of interest frustration, anger, sadness and other negative emotions.. especially irritability last four weeks or years and interfere daily|

causes of depression:

Many causes can trigger the onset of depression, including bereavement, an illness like cancer or chronic pain, stressful life, social loneliness. Depression can occur spontaneously without any apparent cause.
Scientists don’t know why people exactly develop depression and others avoid it. Many factors most likely contribute to the development of depression, including:

genetics: many non-genetic factors increase the risk of depression; mood destroys and suicide run in families.

Trauma : trauma is also can cause depression especially in early age, which can cause fear and the situation of trauma brain in full stress and long-term changes in how to brain fight with worry and stress

Brain Structure: many studies have shown that frontal lobe of the brain less active when a person is depressed.

Substance abuse:  many peoples approximately 30 % who take drugs and alcohol also have depression

other medical conditions:

mostly people with chronic pain, sleep disturbance, cancer, and lacking attention or hyperactivity disorder are commonly developing depression.

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