8 Tips for a health spine

health spine

health spine

These 8 Tips for a health spine can help you keep away pain and keep your back and neck healthy. And in good shape,
thousands of peoples are worried about there back pain every day and beyond living with the illness, this type of life can damage your quality of life, causing you absence of working and social activities,
in fact, lower back pain is very harmful, and this is the leading cause of job-related disability, according to the (NINDS). Taking care your spine it is very comfy and elastic it is also your back and neck,there are many factors you can take care your back and neck, and also improve the overall healthTaking care of your spinehere are the simple yet essential guidelines to make your spine healthy

1. Lift right:

wrong lifting can damage your overall spine and cause your back pain. It is very easy to lift the wrong way and affected your spine if you don’t use the proper form of lifting. Here’s how to lift correctly, according to NINDS: stand as close to an object as you can, and practice with your legs and knees avoiding your back or upper body to pull up the item. It will help when you bend your knees, and your arms are at the same height as the item. Keep your head down and back straight. If you feel the item is heavy, then don’t try to lift, it’s better to get help with someone.

2. sleep tight:

sleeping right is very important to your overall body and health, A researcher says, your body needs a well nights sleep to repair itself, for a better sleep you should sleep on your side, not your stomach: sleeping on your stomach is not suitable for your spine, its put too much pressure on your spine. sleeping on your side reduces pressure on your spine and also reduces upper airway collapse, sleeping on your side helping to prevent sleep apnea symptoms and give you a better night’s rest.

3. stretch out:

stretching is also a most important for your spine, it will help to stretch you back keeping flexible helps to maintain your joint function and the good range of motion.

and also reduce the chances of injury ” if you do good stretches in your everyday morning,

it will be very good for your spine.

4. Stay active.

The chances of back pain increase in you if your are not active or physically fit, according to NINDS.

when you make a regular walk, the exercise in the gym, cycling, swimming, and playing with your kids keeping your body moving and stay active helps to maintain your spine healthily

5. Maintain a healthy weight:

overweight is also not good for your spine. Visit the gym to do some exercise and follow a healthy diet keep your maintain or healthy weight, being overweight

or quickly gaining weight are risk factors for lower back pain, especially if you have belly fat,

it will put pressure on your ligaments, muscles, and tendons in your lower back pain.

6. work smart:

proper human factors can help to reduce a lot of stress on your back,

so, therefore, your work space like a laptop, computer desk, phone,

or your car sit also should be according to your height and functionality.

Choose a good form of chair that provides your lower back support; your knees should be on the 90-degree angle and your foot in rest form and feel comfortable on the floor.
Some time peoples cradle their phone between ear and shoulder; this is a bad habit, it put pressure on neck never cradle phone between ear and shoulder. You should hold your phone to your ear or use a headset to avoid neck pain.

7. pay attention:

to any signs. “don’t ignore the signs of back pain”  although it’s a common thing having a spinal pain once in a while if three or more time to have back pain it indicates a more serious problem. you should get a good treatment or medical care to learn about your back .



         8 Tips for a health spine

health spine – health spine


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