Benefits of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) For acne

Vitamin B5 acne

                                                         Vitamin B5 acne Treatment

Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid which is a member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family.

B5 is a vitamin that can be found in much healthy nutritious food. Although if you do not have a well-known diet, you are unlikely to ever suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B5. It is widespread in foods. However, you must know that you can always get more vitamin B5.

B5 acne:

Many studies have indicated that the more vitamin B5 you have in your body, the more chance you have of combating acne and other skin problems.

Top 3 Major Benefits For Skin:

There are several numbers of different benefits of vitamin B5 on the skin. Some of them are commonly found for acne. In this section, we are going to explain as many of these different benefits as possible.

An effective Skin Healer:

Vitamin B5 is very effective in healing the skin like it will reduce the amount of itchiness and redness on the skin which are common symptoms of acne. A recent study has shown that the vitamin B5 enhanced the repair of the skin barrier while reducing inflammation. Regarding protecting skin, vitamin B5 acts as a barrier, shielding the skin from skin irritation.

Hydrate your skin:

Vitamin B5 can help to keep your skin hydrated, it can be the biggest benefit of vitamin B5. It plays an active role in hydrating your skin. It works a slightly different way to another moisturizer.

Vitamin B5 controls the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin. When you apply B5 vitamin formulation on the skin, it will not only increase its hydration but also increase the softness and elasticity.

Rejuvenates The Skin:

Vitamin B5 boosts the way in which the skin repairs itself. It means if you are suffering from acne, so you should apply it directly to the skin. When you did that then you will find that acne disappears far quicker and you will notice that you are going to reduce the risk of suffering from acne scars effectively.

And also sometimes there is also a good chance that you will be able to remove any acne scars that you already have.

Best vitamin b5 food source:

Finally, if you want the most benefit of vitamin B5, then try and find a healthy food store which offers the vitamin B5 cream mixed with pantothenic acid. if you cant do that then eat Vitamin B5 rich foods, here is the list of B5 rich foods:










Sunflower seeds


   Benefits of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) For acne


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